We use several different lasers in our office and I wanted to share with you how our patients feel about them. Here is just sample of what our patients experience with our lasers:

I recently had a patient come in for a second opinion on treating her front tooth which had a crown that had come off. She said she had been to three dentists and all of them told her the tooth needed to be removed and a bridge completed or an implant placed. A dentist had cemented the crown back on temporarily but it was not close to fitting the tooth or her beautiful smile. The problem was related to excessive gum tissue that prevented the crown from fully seating on the existing tooth. The tooth also had fractured. We used laser to correct the gum tissue with no bleeding. Then we bonded the tooth back together. I told the patient that the treatment might not last for a very long time but that it frequently lasts for many years. She was elated at the result. For more of her story in her own words, you can see her recent review on our web site.

Yesterday a patient who I have known for many years thanked me for saving him from the Periodontist and further periodontal surgeries. He had two previous periodontal surgeries which he described as painful and he did not want to have another surgery. They also did not solve his problem as it was coming back again. I felt that the proposed treatment plan from the Periodontist was both aggressive and unnecessary. I told him if our conservative, nonsurgical laser treatment didn’t work, the proposed surgery could still be an option for him in the future if he chose. He has been very diligent about followed our prescribed home care and regular visits. His condition improved with Annika’s skillful use of the laser and removal of the bacterial toxins. No surgery needed.

Another patient came in for an opinion about her unique and difficult situation. She had been to ten different dentists. She reported that they all told her that she would need to be hospitalized for the dental treatment because of her bleeding disorder and allergy to local anesthetic. A dentist had placed a temporary filling in one tooth but was unable to do more. My assessment was that we could complete her care using our laser to remove decay and this would not cause any bleeding. We have had three completely successful appointments. She reports that the treatment has not been painful and, as one could imagine, she is very happy she didn’t need to be hospitalized to get her fillings.

I purchased my first dental laser in 1994. I have had seven lasers over the years. The new ones are far superior to what we had 20 years ago. Purchasing these lasers was a big investment. The training to learn the use of each of the lasers has required travel and further expense. As you can see from the above patient stories, it has been well worth the investment of time, energy, and money. Many dentists are unaware of these cutting edge tools and are therefore also unaware of the benefits and superiority of the many treatments that can be completed with them. It is a great and exciting time to be a Dentist because are so many ways to help my patients with their oral health and overall well being. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Be Well.


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