Prevention is an important step in caring for our teeth. Quite frequently our patients will ask us what they can do to further protect their teeth. The following is information regarding different mouth devices that can be worn and when they might be necessary.

Night guard
Stress can cause us to clench and grind our teeth together, resulting in numerous dental and whole body challenges. Wearing a night guard is an effective dental device that is worn to prevent damage to your teeth. A night guard is designed to protect your teeth from unnecessary wear and fractures caused by clenching and grinding that happens primarily in your sleep. A night guard also helps reduce the effects of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders) soreness that can occur in your jaw. However, some people unknowingly clench and grind throughout the day also and may even require an additional guard to wear during the day.
Our night guards are custom designed to fit over your teeth precisely and can be made in different materials to accommodate your needs. They can be adjusted as needed and are designed to last a long time.

Sports guard
Are you involved in high impact sports? A sports guard is a more flexible device that is custom fitted to your teeth. This device is worn over teeth during athletic and recreational activities to protect them from damage. Sports guards can buffer damage to the teeth or protect fixed dental appliances from blows and physical contact that may occur during your activity. They can also act as a barrier between teeth/braces and the cheeks, between the lips and tongue to limit the risk of soft tissue damage.
We recommend sports guards to our athletic patients of all ages. It only takes two short appointments with us to acquire your sports guard.

Over time you may have noticed more crowding or overlapping of your teeth. Retainers are a great device to help prevent any further crowding that may happen to your teeth. When worn regularly a retainer keeps your teeth in their current position. This is extremely helpful for those who have invested in correcting the alignment of their teeth through the use of orthodontics. The retainer can be made of a clear material, making it a subtle device that you can even wear during the day.

Each of the above mouth devices are made by two appointments in our office. At the first appointment we take impressions of your teeth for a custom fit. At your second appointment we take time to try in your device, make any necessary adjustments and go over the care of your new device with you.
It is wonderful the many ways that we can care for our teeth now to protect and improve our smile. As always we are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to your next visit with us.


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