Hi everyone,
Last week we had our semi-annual x-ray inspection by the state of Washington. The inspector evaluates the x-ray machines for how much exposure there is from each individual x-ray. He also checks the software to be sure it is providing good images.
The inspector commented that our x-rays tested 50% or better than many of the other digital systems he examines. I have one of the earlier digital x-ray systems in Seattle. I got it for several reasons. The most important is reducing x-ray exposure to the patient. The second is it gives me an excellent image that I can look at and show the patient if they are interested. The third is that it is faster and the fourth is that there is no need for the toxic developing and fixing chemicals. So the office air is healthier to breathe and we do not need to dispose of these toxic chemicals into the environment.

Your dental and overall health is our primary concern. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I love doing dentistry and helping people be well.

The best to you!



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