Recently we had to write a letter for one of our patients that talked about our practice, our philosophy, and what made us different from other dentists. We thought it would be nice to share, in part, what it said with our patients and friends.

“I am a general dentist who practices whole person dentistry. I look at the teeth as being part of the whole body. I like to treat my patients with the most natural approach possible. We use biocompatible dental materials. We do not use any toxic chemicals in our office. We take only digital x-rays which have 90 % less radiation then traditional film x-rays. This also allows us to eliminate the harsh chemicals used to develop traditional x-rays.

We have many patients who travel great distances to get special care in our office. Many or our patients have autoimmune diseases that cause them to be chemically sensitive. We do our best to accommodate their sensitivities.”

In my practice, I am committed to giving our patients individualized care and really take to heart their concerns and sensitivities. We take pride in giving our patients the best care possible. Whether you are new to the practice or are a long time patient, we thought you’d appreciate knowing how we are different.

Hoping you are all well,
Richard Stickney


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