A Natural Story Teller

Posted by Seattle Dental Care May 04, 2017

Ever since he was little, my son James has always loved to have stories told to him. Recently he needed to have some dental treatment so our newest team member, Katlyn, stayed late to assist me in doing his treatment. My son asked Katlyn to tell him a story to distract him during his procedure and she happily complied. Wow! For the full hour she told him a great story that kept his mind occupied during his care. The story started and ended in Australia with stops in Europe and Africa. She drew a mental picture of all the characters. I have to tell you, I can’t wait for the sequel! I hope you all get a chance to meet her and maybe even hear one of her stories; she assists me in the afternoons if you want to make an appointment while she is here :). She has been a great addition to our team. Thank you Katlyn!

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