I stumbled across an article by Reader’s Digest Magazine entitled, ’50 Secrets From Real Dentists’, and although I can’t say I agreed with all of the comments, especially the ones promoting amalgam fillings, I did appreciate quite a few of their expressions and I thought I would pass them along to you.

-Dental Misconceptions-

“Some truly educated people think that if nothing in their mouth hurts, they’re fine. High cholesterol doesn’t hurt, either, but it’s a big problem. I honestly think that the general population doesn’t understand that their mouth is part of their body.” -Danine Fresch Gray, DDS, general dentist, Arlington, Virginia

Hello and welcome to my blog. I have decided to use this new avenue of communication in order to pass on helpful information about dentistry and whole body health to my patients, friends and others who decide to read it. I am a strong believer in continuing education and state-of-the-art technology, and now I can pass on what I learn to you. My mission is to help people heal, so I hope this blog can help you on your way to living the healthiest and happiest life possible! Thank you, Richard Stickney DDS
Last month my assistant Brook and I attended a two day conference on Quantum Reflex Analysis. QRA is a style of energy medicine which involves muscle testing of acupuncture points and meridians. I have attended many of these conferences, but this was Brook’s first time attending. The information we receive at these conferences is always evolving, so we are constantly learning new information. We have a number of friends who practice QRA that refer their patients to us for dental evaluation. QRA practitioners believe that dental imbalances and infections can lead to other health problems. The founders of QRA are Dr. Bob Marshall and his wife Dr. Forbes. Dr. Marshall is a clinical nutritionist who has an excellent line of health promoting supplements. Dr. Marshall also does a weekly radio show about health and healing through nutrition on KGNW 820 am Saturdays from 1-2 pm pst. Thank you, Richard Stickney DDS