Dr Stickney is a certified QRA practioner. As a dentist, he works with other QRA practioners to improve his patient’s health and well being. He is one a few dentists in the USA recommended by Premier Research Laboratory, as he follows Dr. Robert Marshall’s recommended protocols for optimal dental health. QRA is an energetic testing system using the body’s energetic system to help determine patient energetic deficiencies and imbalances. If a problem is found in the mouth then Dr. Stickney utilizes further diagnostic testing to determine the best treatment to resolve the imbalance. This involves clinical examination, X-rays, digital imaging, laser diagnostics and other technologies as needed. For instance, we now have available 3D imaging that is very helpful in determining hidden infection around the teeth. Oral DNA testing is often used to help determine the causative agents in periodontal infections. Dr. Stickney makes nutritional recommendations and works in concert with QRA practioners who also prescribe nutritional and other therapies to aid patient’s health. One example of treatment that is done is the removal of infected or cracked teeth. Once a diagnosis is made, sometimes one or more teeth need to be removed. The process of removal is important. Ideally we want to preserve as much bone and soft tissue as possible following tooth removal and at the same time prevent residual infection of the tissue and bone. The periodontal ligament is carefully removed which aids new bone growth. Two types of dental lasers are utilized to minimize bone loss and enhance healing. Laser therapy also kills pathologic bacteria. Patients heal faster with laser therapy and often have a reduced level of pain following the procedure. Ozone treatment is also used to reduce pathologic bacterial. The preservation of tissue and bone is important because restoration of the lost tooth or teeth works better and looks better when there is a healthy level of bone and gum. Treatments that can be done to restore the missing teeth are implants, bridges, and removable dentures.
To my wonderful clients, I am blessed to know and work with such wonderful people. Clients, my team, dental laboratory and support people. Each day I feel blessed to be able to practice my chosen career of Dentistry. I am having so much fun integrating natural health and wellness with dental excellence. I have been doing this for years and I love it. My constant questions are how can I do things better and how can I help my clients be healthier and more whole. Holistic means having a broader view. So I research natural medicine to find information that I can share with anyone who can benefit. I am really excited about a meeting that I will attend in February in Florida. It is the annual meeting of The International Academy of Ceramic Implantology. Dentist from over the world will be attending. I am especially interested in what the European dentists have a lot  to share as they have been doing ceramic implants far longer than we have in the USA. Several of the presentations will be on biocompatability of ceramic implants versus titanium and the most biocompatable bone graft materials. When I first studied Biological dental principles I learned much from the German physicians and dentists that gave so freely of their time and knowledge. Thank you for being a part of my practice. Blessings to you. To your health and well being! Rick Stickney DDS PS

Dr. Marshall Radio Show

Robert Marshall, Ph.D. got his Degree at Columbia Pacific University in Mill Valley, CA in 1978. Later on he got a Certified Clinical Nutritionists (CCN) Degree from the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, TX and was the President of this Association from 1998-2000.

Dr. Marshall contracted a nearly fatal and undiagnosable illness in 1969, which began his unexpected career in Nutrition. At that time, many forms of medical therapy were no help to him. To find answers, he studied Nutritional and Biochemical Research extensively, and used this information to design his own nutritional program which ultimately got him to a full recovery. After observing the suffering going on around him, he sought to repay the help he had been given through Nutritional Therapy.

Ozone/Natural Oxygen Based Therapy

Recently, our practice has been utilizing Ozone Therapy in several different ways. We are happy to be able to offer this service to our patients, and to be one of only a handful of dentists in the area using this great technology.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a chemical compound that consists of three atoms of oxygen, as opposed to just two. In simple terms, ozone is the energized form of oxygen. This occurs naturally when ultraviolet energy or lightning disrupts oxygen molecules and recombines into groups of three. Ozone also occurs naturally when significant amounts of energy also disrupt oxygen molecules, such as crashing waves at the beach and at the bottom of a waterfall where there are large amounts of energy. The thing that most people notice the most about ozone is its distinctive odor. It has a very clean smell, somewhat like chlorine. You can smell it especially after a heavy rainstorm, a lightning storm, after snowfall, or at the bottom of a waterfall. In a clinical setting, an oxygen/ozone generator simulates lightning via an electrical discharge field. Concentrations of ozone range from 0.5- 5% depending on what it is being used for.