I believe in constant and never ending improvement. I invest a lot of time, energy and money in educating myself and my team so that we can provide leading edge, whole person dental care. I believe that our greatest asset, as a practice, is the individuals that I work with. I am so grateful and honored to work with such dedicated team members. Kendra, Katlyn, Kristin, Annika and Annie are a joy to be around. My days are so great because I work with these dedicated, caring people. Every morning we meet to review how we can best serve the people that are scheduled to see us that day. Each day a different team member leads the meeting. We have longer afternoon meetings two times a month to communicate, implement and constantly upgrade the practice. I have seen each of the people that work in the office grow in so many ways. I hope they touch your lives in a positive way, as they have mine.


On our initial intake questionnaire form, we have a question that asks: “What can we do to make you most comfortable?” The most frequent answer we receive is: Please explain everything you do and look for the least invasive way to solve my problem.

This is really good since it is a major focus of our practice. Our goal for each person is to listen carefully. It is becoming a lost art in medicine and dentistry to listen to the patient. We listen and take a careful history. A lot of times the clues are subtle, and too often the doctor relies on technology, only to tell you what you need without understanding what you want. The technology is important and we use it a lot to confirm and refine our suspicions, but it is not the only thing we rely on.

2013 has been an amazing year in our dental practice.

I am most grateful for the relationships that I have with my team, my dental laboratory, fellow health care professionals, and my clients. These relationships have grown over that past year and I learn so much from each and every one of you.

We have refined many aspects of care in the practice. Our computer system has streamlined many aspects of patient care. Our focus on overall dental health and whole body wellness requires constant and never ending learning. Each person has their own uniqueness and individuality. Addressing these unique aspects makes life exciting and interesting.

I was blessed to attend a meeting with like minded dentists who are placing and restoring ceramic dental implants. The ceramic dental implants are made of zirconium oxide which is a non metal ceramic material. One of the biggest benefits to this type of implant is they are non allergenic and compatible with the body. They are white rather than the silvery titanium color so there is not dark grey shadow as is often seen with titanium.

I have been doing 98 percent metal free dentistry in my practice for many years, so I believe that ceramic implants can be a great choice to replace missing teeth. These implants are not for every situation though, and for the implant to succeed, there are two keys to consider: Is there enough bone, and is the bone good enough in quality? There are also certain health issues that can cause implants to be a poor choice to replace a missing tooth.