Chronic Inflammation Can Damage and Destroy Your Dental and Overall Health.

Chronic inflammation has many causes. Infection, environmental toxins, poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and other lifestyle habits can lead to chronic inflammation. Bacterial infection is one that we deal with in the dental office every single day. Whether it is gum infection, an infected wisdom tooth or a tooth abscess caused by a deep cavity all can lead to acute or chronic infection. The bacteria can enter your soft tissue and blood vessels and act locally or travel to distant places and cause systemic health issues. At conferences, photographs are shown of diseased inner lining of an artery wall. It looks just like the lining of an infected gum pocket. In fact if you have periodontal disease you are 168% more likely to have heart disease, 250% more likely to have a stroke, 300% more likely to have diabetes, 200% more likely to have osteoporosis, and if your are a pregnant women 700% more likely to have a low birth weight baby. And it is a two way street. If you are under chronic stress you have 2 times greater risk of having periodontal disease. If you smoke you are 5 times greater risk of having periodontal disease. If you have diabetes you have a 3 times greater risk of having periodontal disease. If you smoke and have diabetes you have a 20 times greater risk of having periodontal disease and if you are nutritionally deficient you have a 1.5 timer greater likelihood of having periodontal disease.

The body and its systems are all interrelated. The health of the mouth is associated with overall health and vice versa. We have great tools to treat periodontal disease and other dental infections often with natural treatments that will enhance your health. We have the ability to do a simple blood test to see if you have systemic Inflammation. If it is associated with dental disease we have a good chance of reducing that systemic inflammation just by treating your mouth. Sometimes we team with medical professionals depending on your health history. When we see systemic inflammation we can refer you to a medical professional that can help.

Some doctors say inflammation is the root of all disease. Some say it is infection that is the root of the inflammation. If you can reduce either of these factors by improving your oral health it might just help you live a longer healthier life.


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