Hello everyone!

Today we wanted to talk about a common issue many of our patients have. On our Health History forms we have the question, “Have you had problems or undesirable experiences with previous dental treatments?” Many of our patients have stated there that they requested no amalgam fillings, but they were put in anyways! You might be wondering, “well how is that possible?”

The answer to that is communication, and the lack of REALLY listening to what the patient wants. As for the amalgams, sometimes they are left behind when a crown is made and they are found years later. They can be underneath old crowns, fillings, or bridges. Other times, some dentists take it upon themselves to make decisions for the patient without consulting with them about what they would prefer.
When we consult with patients about their treatment, whether it be crowns, onlays, composites, etc, we really try to listen to the needs and desires of each individual person. We may have a recommendation, but if the patient would prefer some other form of treatment, we of course would cater to that need, as long as it applies to the situation. When we go over treatment options with them, we outline what the ideal and optimal solutions would be, but also provide alternative plans so that the patient can make an informed decision regarding his or her mouth. To me, patient education plays a major role in my practice so we always encourage our patients to ask questions. We also ask our patients to speak up about things so that we can deliver the best experience for them. We are happy to tell our patients about the materials we are using and why we use them.

I hope you are all doing well!
Richard Stickney DDS PS


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