On our initial intake questionnaire form, we have a question that asks: “What can we do to make you most comfortable?” The most frequent answer we receive is: Please explain everything you do and look for the least invasive way to solve my problem.

This is really good since it is a major focus of our practice. Our goal for each person is to listen carefully. It is becoming a lost art in medicine and dentistry to listen to the patient. We listen and take a careful history. A lot of times the clues are subtle, and too often the doctor relies on technology, only to tell you what you need without understanding what you want. The technology is important and we use it a lot to confirm and refine our suspicions, but it is not the only thing we rely on.

Patients are living longer. We take a long term view rather than a quick fix. Preserving the natural teeth is important. However, infections in the teeth, gums and jaw bones are associated with diseases in the rest of the body. We evaluate carefully, and make recommendations based not only the teeth but the whole person, and then we communicate the information as clearly as possible. Sometimes it is simple and other times it is complex. When I recommend treatment, I will always tell you the most minimally invasive, most natural, longest lasting, most biocompatible, health promoting treatment option. For each patient, though, there are different options that can be explored.

I hope you all got to enjoy our snow day yesterday!
Be well,
Richard Stickney DDS PS


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