There’s plenty to do in Seattle, Washington, besides visiting your favorite Natural Dentist in Seattle. Visiting art galleries, museums, the waterfront, and even the famous Pike Place Market which are open daily are only a few things Seattle visitors can spend some time doing. When you decide that Seattle is the place to visit on your next vacation, the top things to do while visiting are mainly in the downtown area. There are other areas that regular visitors go to once they start visiting regularly.

The Public Market

These hot spots center around the main art and culture lifestyle that is known in Seattle, Washington. Since 1907, the Public Market Place in Seattle have offered produce, products, and goods to the public which frequent there, plus this is what they are still known for today. The popular area is festive with the scents of produce, fresh seafood, and the sounds of the ferries nearby. You can buy goods from farmers and craftspeople who are entertaining themselves. This is along the North Arcade area, plus, the retail stores with a vast amount of boutiques and distinctive shops.

Don’t be surprised if you see flying fish at the main market. Most people will gather around as they order at specific seafood merchants and be entertained while they watch them throw fish across from one worker to another. Hear some of the past and present day happenings. In fact, you can also take a food tour to catch a behind the scenes ventures of the restaurants and the workers. Tasting some of the flavors of fine or deli cuisine is an experience many travelers will enjoy.

Seattle’s public market has more than 10 million visitors annually. It’s one of the nation’s oldest farmer’s market the entire area encompasses 9 acres which stretches from Pike St. north to Virginia St. It then crosses from 1st Ave, west to Western Ave.

Individuals, grouped or not, can spend an entire day visiting the market, because of ferry rides, sight seeing, and eating. Other places visitors can visit are the Seattle Waterfront, the Pioneer Square, and the Ballard Locks, for instance. Even more so, the prime place to go to first is naturally the downtown Seattle area. You’ll see the iconic Space Needle at the Seattle Center. Grab a cup of cappuccino or coffee at the first Starbucks Coffee shop which still looks like it’s vintage self. Also, visitors can walk along the waterfront at Elliott Bay. There’s plenty of parks and piers to walk along and enjoy the views; a great view is from the Washington State Ferries that every traveler going through Seattle must do before they leave the Emerald City.

Art and culture in Seattle

Millions of visitors have enjoyed coming to Seattle because of the art and culturally enriched city it is. The Chinatown International District is one of the top things to do on a visit in Seattle. It’s actually near the Pioneer Square, the birthplace of Seattle. The nightlife is more than entertaining with an abundance of things to do.

One place that gets many visitors is the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit. It’s a magnificent art gallery with creative and realistic-looking blown glass. In addition, if you’re one to enjoy the abundance of counterculture communities, visit Capital Hill. This is the place which centers around the counterculture life. Although, don’t leave until you visit the Fremont Troll, a popular public art sculpture which is near the University of Washington and a frequent hot spot for tourists, as well as the troll.

Last, but not least, the Lake Union area has many sidewalks with which to enjoy the waterfront. There you’ll see floating homes that are anchored, which is another place that’s recognizable as a backdrop for the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle.” Finally, before travelers leave this historic city, they’ll leave with that iconic feeling travelers get when they’ve visited such a lively, entertaining, and enriching city which carries on history; whether it’s in the art, the food, the scenery, the weather…it’s becomes part of you when you return home and making you want to visit again, as soon as possible.