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Welcome to Seattle Dental Care

At Seattle Dental Care we take great care to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. We have created a relaxing and anxiety-free environment to help you feel at ease during your visits with us. Dr. Stickney and Dr. Cziao take a biological, natural and holistic approach to dentistry with a view to whole-person health & wellness. Our treatments are the safest and minimally-invasive.

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Our Holistic Services

What our patients are saying...

"I am a grateful patient of dr stickney. Dr stickney is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable dentist with many years of experience. Even though he runs a busy practice he makes time to keep up with the latest developments in dentistry and is willing to include new techniques that have been well tested but are not currently mainstream. Its very likely that many of the techniques he is using now will be widely available in 20 years or so. He and his staff are very caring and were willing to really listen and understand what my dental issues where. I believe dr stickney provides the most natural approach to dentistry that is currently available. He emphasizes a preventive approach with the latest techniques for finding dental issues very early so treatment can be as minimal as possible not just relying on x rays alone. He is also very knowledgeable of natural supplements to help strengthen teeth. He uses natural anesthetics and sterilizing techniques such as ozone instead of unnatural mainstream alternatives and finally he is very skilled at dental cosmetics and is very sensitive to making your teeth look the best they can. I discovered dr stickney when I had a crown that had failed. The original drilling required getting very close to the nerve. Although the dentist was very skilled it took years for the tooth to stop hurting and I was told it would be wise to do a root canal because there was a good chance the nerve had been so traumatized by the drilling that it would likely die. I decided to take my chances and it did eventually recover but 10 years later the crown failed and I was told by a couple of dentists that I should go directly to a root canal because the chance of saving the tooth was now very low. I decided to do some research and read about how lasers can be helpful in this situation because they cause less trauma to the nerve than a conventional drill without the heat from the friction so I looked for a dentist who was using one and found dr stickney. When I had my appointment dr stickney told me there was a very good chance that he could save the tooth. Using a laser and other techniques and years of experience the procedure was quick and comfortable and to my astonishment the tooth didn't hurt at all after the numbing wore off and has been fine for over a year . Given that dr stickney had to go even closer to the nerve than in the original drilling with such drastically better results convinced me of just how exceptional dr stickney is"

"I have been a patient of Dr. Stickney for over 30 years for all of my routine maintenance, emergency and major work. Each visit, each phone call and every interaction with Dr. Stickney and his staff has been consistently wrapped in an aura of calm. Patient comfort and understanding the procedure coupled with a flawless execution has been and is their norm. Their holistic, compassionate approach to dental care is practiced unfailingly. Options, procedures and outcomes are explained and discussed with the patient upfront, eliminating any angst or concern. It’s obvious Stickney and staff use a team-oriented approach. Everyone is on the same page; there are no surprises, no misses. Whether a simple cleaning or a 90 minute procedure, the goals of patient care, comfort and satisfaction are imbedded in the work they do daily. They enjoy their profession, their co-workers and their patients. Stickney is passionate about his work. He is continually attending classes and seminars, reading and researching; to remain on the leading edge of dentistry. It doesn’t hurt that the office- has incredible views of Elliott Bay and as one might expect, the equipment and procedures are all state of the art, up to the minute, tested and trusted. Without reservation, I trust my smile, my mouth and my health to Dr. Stickney and his team, and I am very grateful."

"I have been a patient of Dr Stickney’s for 15 years. In addition to routine dental care I have had old amalgam fillings removed and replaced with porcelain, new partial and full crowns made and most recently some veneer work to correct a very crooked front tooth. In every instance Dr. Stickney and his team have done top notch work. Dr. Stickney provides holistic care using modern techniques and materials. He is meticulous insuring the fillings, and crowns are shaped and fitted correctly. The most recent work, correcting my very crooked front tooth, highlights his years of experience and artistry. I am so pleased with my new smile that I find I am smiling again. Routine care is approach with the same attention to detail by his co-workers and his office staff is always helpful and attentive. What a great team!"

"Without reservation I recommend Dr Rick Stickney and his staff. His office is above World Market, near Pike Place Market, with free parking below He was referred to me by a Holistic MD, about 15 years ago, soon after I arrived in Seattle. He is a Holistic Dentist, always learning and staying on top of new developments. I have been living with Chronic Illness for decades. I have strange symptoms which include my teeth and gums. I have been very sensitive to drugs, chemicals, metals, etc I have had dental experiences in the past that have been detrimental to my overall health. Therefore, I have invested in working with Dr Stickney, and I am very grateful for his care, and that of his staff."

"Dr. Cziao was holistically knowledgeable and knew exactly what my concerns were. He listened to me and patiently explained what would be the best treatment that fits for me."

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