Hello everyone!

I hope this blog post is finding you all happy and healthy! We just returned from our two week vacation, and we are ready to start up our weekly blog again, sharing timely and informative news with you!

This week’s blog is talking again about our dental laser! (Boy do we love it!) But this time we are focusing on how the laser can help with sensitivity during and after dental procedures and how it can help with general tooth sensitivity. We’ve attached a video at the bottom on this post that explains how the laser can help with sensitivity caused by gum recession and exposed nerve endings. These exposed nerve endings can cause sensitivity to brushing, and cold.

This week alone, we’ve done a couple of composite fillings with the use of our Waterlase. Asking the patients afterwards how they felt during the treatment, all of them said they had no discomfort. No anesthetic was used during either of these treatments. Unfortunately, we cannot use the laser for every procedure, but we do use it as often as we possibly can. Many of our patients prefer the use of our laser opposed to the use of anesthetic and the drill. On the flip side, some people prefer not feeling anything at all and want to be numb, so we definitely respect all of our patients wishes.

If you’d like to see an animated demonstration of how the laser can help with tooth sensitivity, please follow this link to watch a short video.

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Be well,
Richard Stickney


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