Well as some of you may have noticed, we no longer have a few of our longtime staff members. There has been a few changes.

Brooke and her husband recently moved to Texas to further their volunteer work, they will live there for a few months while getting prepared…..then its off to Africa! Brooke was a fundamental part of our team here.

Lacey also has new adventures in her future away from our office. She’s now a proud new Mom! We’d like to welcome her new baby boy Asher! They are both doing great and we are very happy for Lacey and her husband. We wish both Brooke and Lacey all the best in their exciting new endeavors and they will be missed.

So due to these recent changes we have a new addition to our team. Our newest member will be sharing the ranks with Katlyn in assisting Dr. Stickney. So we wanted to take some time and let you get to know her!

“Hi, I’m excited to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Shandi Luellen. I’ve recently joined Dr. Stickney’s team as a Dental Assistant taking over for Brooke, who is a close personal friend of mine as well. Which is how I got in touch with this wonderful office and staff. I am a Washington local. I grew up in Marysville. I started working in a dental office when I was 14 as a sterilization technician. My mother, aunt and cousin all worked in the same office so naturally I followed. I came to enjoy the dental field very much, so I attended the Sno-Isle Skill Center Dental Assisting Program in 2000. After completing the course, I continued on the job training and have been assisting ever since. I have worked for a variety of different dentists ranging from general to cosmetic to neuromuscular dentistry, where we would correct TMD/TMJ disorders as well as full mouth rehabilitation correcting the teeth aesthetics and function of the bite. I am thrilled to have been invited into Dr. Stickney’s practice and to continue learning about incorporating holistic methods to truly benefit each patient individually. Its been a pleasure meeting some of you already and I’m excited to meet all of our patients soon.


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