Dear Readers,

In order to keep my practice up to date with the latest procedures and technology, I am devoted to participate in as much continuing education possible. That being said, I wanted to update you on the latest seminars my staff and I have been able to attend.

‘Restoring Implants and Their Surrounding Teeth’
Presented By: Dr. Tony Mancuso
Office Attendees: Dr. Richard Stickney

Dr. Mancuso is known for being one of Canada’s leading experts on restorative dentistry. In this particular seminar, he focused on the restoration of implants and surrounding teeth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement used to replace missing teeth and prevent or stop jaw bone loss. Dental implants have become a large and important part of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, I believe it is very important for the welfare of my patients that I am fully educated and updated about the implant process and restoration of previous implant work. This seminar focused on pretreatment considerations for proper treatment outcomes, treatment planning for crowns and bridges, mini implants, restoring full mouth reconstructions utilizing implants and porcelain restorations. I also appreciate and support Dr. Mancuso’s approach to placing crown margins above gum tissue in order to prevent gum disease. This is not a process all dentists incorporate, but I find that keeping the margins above the gum tissue prevents bacterial build up and infection. I found Dr. Tony Mancuso and his seminar very informative and interesting. I look forward to implementing the tools and information he presented to better serve you!

Dentrix Insight Seminar’
Presented By: Dentrix Software Representative, Dayna Johnson
Office Attendees: Kendra Kyselica, Front Office

Previously, we had announced to you that we transitioned over to a new dental software, Dentrix, in order to be more efficient and serve you better. Kendra was able to attend this continuing education seminar to ensure our office is able to take full advantage of the Dentrix services and benefits. One of the highlights of the seminar was how to go paperless! This is something that our office has been striving for, in order to keep up with all the technical advances and of course, to support our environment. Also beneficial was the information on how to more effectively follow up with you! This new software enables us to better track your upcoming appointments and needs so that we can make sure we are giving you the very best service possible. In addition, we have been able to implement the very helpful Dentrix treatment planning tool. This enables us to print and or email you your treatment plan! The treatment plan layout is very simple and informative so that you can be as educated as possible about your dental needs. We can even print out or email you a graphic chart showing you your plan more visually. So far we are very happy with this new software and look forward to using it even more fully in the future!


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