2013 has been an amazing year in our dental practice.

I am most grateful for the relationships that I have with my team, my dental laboratory, fellow health care professionals, and my clients. These relationships have grown over that past year and I learn so much from each and every one of you.

We have refined many aspects of care in the practice. Our computer system has streamlined many aspects of patient care. Our focus on overall dental health and whole body wellness requires constant and never ending learning. Each person has their own uniqueness and individuality. Addressing these unique aspects makes life exciting and interesting.

We are having great success with our periodontal program. Utilizing a two laser, dual wave length technology combined with Annika’s highly skilled approach to teeth and gum health has led to a much higher level of gum health for our clients.

We redid our website this past year. We have lots of relevant information about holistic integrative dental care on the site. Check out our dental acupuncture meridian chart. I have used this chart to look at tooth/body relationships since the 1980’s when I studied biological dentistry with German physicians and dentists. The Germans found energetic relationships between the teeth and other body parts.

There have been so many quantum developments in dentistry. In coming blogs, I will share these developments with you. I wish you all a happy winter and a great 2014!


Best regards,
Richard Stickney


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