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Fillings: Our goal is to preserve your natural tooth using a minimally invasive gentle approach to your tooth. Using a combination of laser and drill we remove the least amount of tooth possible to correct the problem. This technique not only preserves the structure of the tooth but in a very high percentage of cases, avoids pain or the need for root canals after treatment. We then use composite to rebuild the tooth to it's ideal shape and color. Wo always choose filling matorials that aro biocompatible. strong and boautiful.

Crowns: Dental implants, whether zirconia or titanium, can best be described as an artificial root that is an anchor for an all ceramic porcelain crown. An implant replaces on or more missing teeth . An advantage of an implant over a bridge is that no tooth structure needs to be removed from the adjacent tooth. The implant is also easier to clean than a briddge. Bridges are still a viable option in many cases. There are many factors in deciding which is the best option to replace a missing tooth, including decay rate, gum support, bite issues (like clenching and gnnding), existing bone support and cost.

For the Anxious Patient: We spend time learning about each patient to determine the best way to work with them. We explain what we are going to do and the reasons why. Each person's input is taken into account. Some people want to be aware of what is happening as we do treatment. We can explain what we are doing as we do it, which makes some people most comfortable. Other patients would rather listen to music or watch a movie and have a summary at the end. Even others would rather have a prescription medication to help them relax or stronger medication so they are very relaxed and drowsy. Our coal is to help each person be as comfortablo as possible.

Inlays/Onlays: Inlays are used when the cusps of the tooth are still intact and in healthy condition, yet the surface area of the decay is too large and a filling may compromise the structure of the tooth. This is a stronger and longer lasting alternative to a composite filling and is even more biocompatible. A person may request having an inlay done in place of a composite filling.

Onlays have all the same benefits as Inlays but are used when the surface area of the decay is more than 80% of the tooth and/or one or more of the cusps have been fractured or decayed. This restoration goes on and over the cusps, while an inlay goes between the cusps. Both of these restorations are made at a dental laboratory and are fabricated out of either Porcelain or Gold. As well, both of these procodures are more minimally invasive than crowns and porcelain is more biocompatible than composite filling material.


Bridges: A bridge (or fixed partial denture) is used to replace a missing tooth by permanently attaching to adjacent feeth This is done by crowning the two adjacent teeth (anchor teeth) and "bridging" the gap of the missing tooth with a pontic or fake tooth. Bridges are made in a dental laboratory using Porcelain or Gold. Bridges are an alternative to a dental implant and help maintain a person's ability to property chew, restore the smile, and prevent the adjacent teeth from drifting and collapsing resulting in malalignment. Som types of bridges can be made that do not involve removing tooth structure. These metal free ceramic bridges are another altemative for replacing missing tooth but can have limitations.

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