You would think our government would want to protect our rights and our freedoms. However you have to wonder when you see what’s up in the realms of nutritional supplements and organic foods. If having actual organic food and access to nutritional supplements is important to you please read the attached newsletters from Dr Mercola and Dr Rowen. Both of these doctors push their own brands of nutritional supplements so I always read their newsletters with some caution. However both of them are fighting for our basic freedoms to eat foods that are not laced with GMO foods and for us to be able to freely take the nutritional supplements of our choice. I have personal experience with this as the FDA shut down a company that made a chelation product that I used with good success over the years.

I have had great success in my personal life using nutrition, exercise and supplements to keep me off of all prescription drugs. Many of you are likewise taking no prescriptions. I am always looking toward the future. I think what if the government did ban our nutritional supplements?

I recently added 2 books to our office library, written by Jeff Primack. Conquering any Disease and his accompanying Smoothie Formulas, these books provide really good information on how to have radiant health by using the whole food (seeds and all). They are available on this website

I have the books at the office and every person that looks at them doesn’t want to put them down. These are not part of our lending library but feel free to peruse them when you are in the office.

To your health and well being.




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