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Imagine a raw wound the size of your palm on your arm. Now just rub the foulest dirt you can imagine into that wound. Do this twenty-four hours a day.

Think that’ll be great for the rest of your body (let alone your arm!)??

Heck no, but that’s what we do every day, day in and day out if we have bleeding gums (“gingivitis”) or frank gum disease going down even deeper into the bone.

And big congratulations to The View that just discussed this newly emerging information.

Pretty powerful statements huh? Do you think your bleeding gums are no big deal? Many people have the thought that “If it doesnt hurt, I don’t need to fix it!” Well when your gums bleed, your body is telling you something, and that something is very important not only for the health of your mouth, but also for your body as a whole! One of the simplest ways to prevent bleeding gums is to change the way you brush your teeth, and floss at least once a day. Think of your toothbrush also as a “gum” brush. Brushing your gums 2 times a day is going to help keep them very healthy, along with regular office visits every 3-6 months depending on individual situations.

To your health,

Richard Stickney


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