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Posted by Seattle Dental Care Apr 20, 2011

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Perio Protect System

We have been utilizing the Perio Protect System in our practice for almost two years with impressive results. I had the opportunity to attend the first annual Perio Protect annual meeting in Las Vegas on April 8th and 9th 2011. There were two days of presentations from the inventor of the Perio Protect system, various dentists and a Periodontist.

There were several take home messages from the conference I would like to share with you:

  1. Two years ago the medical research was saying periodontal infection was a PROBABLE causative factor in heart disease and other medical diseases such as strokes, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and pregnancy problems. Now, the medical research is saying periodontal infection IS a causative in the disease process along with other causative factors. Oral pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria cause infection that affect your dental health and general health. Now we have scientific validation of what I have been saying for many years.
  2. Oxygen therapy has been proven to kill the pathogen bacteria. The proven way to do this is with Perio Protect Trays and hydrogen peroxide medication. Hydrogen peroxide liberates the oxygen that gets rid of the bad bugs.
  3. A new study showed that for most people brushing and flossing alone did not control their dental disease over time. I have seen so many patients that brush and floss very well and eat a good diet and yet they still have decay or gum problems.
  4. Using Perio Protect Trays with Hydrogen peroxide and other medicaments is becoming a foundation tool to protect your dental and overall health and well being.
  5. If a person has gum inflammation, the simple act of eating increases bacterial toxins 400 percent in the person’s blood stream.

I believe in being a role model for my patients. Ever since having my old dental amalgam fillings removed improved my health over night, the mouth-body connection has fascinated me. I have been exploring natural health for many years. I believe the drug and surgery oriented approach that is in use in our health care system is flawed. Drugs and surgery can be important, but they do not solve the cause of disease. When I place a restoration on a tooth, it preserves the tooth. However, if we do not do something to alter what caused the need for the restoration then the problem will come back.

Perio Protect is a fantastic tool for stripping oral biofilm and reducing the risk of oral pathogens causing further dental disease and system problems.

In my next Blogs/Newsletter I will be sending information on the best ideas to improve your dental and overall health.

Two books I have recently read and put to use are:

  • The Secret of Instant Healing, Author: Frank Kinslow
  • The Immortality Edge, Authors: Dr. Fossel, Greta Blackburn and Dr. Woynarowski

For mediators or people who are interested in meditation, The Secret of Instant Healing book is fantastic. Dr. Kinslow teaches you how to instantly go into the Gap. I spent many years getting there but not being able to replicate it easily. It can take years of constant work. Well, not anymore! Dr. Kinslow shows you how to do it in a matter of minutes. The beauty is that you can easily go back into this peaceful state anytime you want.

The Immortality Edge is a book about the latest research in anti-aging medicine. It focuses on how to prolong your health and life by preserving and protecting your telomeres. Telomeres protect your DNA. Every time your cells divide your telomeres become shorter. Short telomeres mean your cells are approaching the end stage. When enough cells are at the end stage, organ systems are in trouble and people die as a result.

At a conference, I once attended a doctor said, “I want to die young, just at a later date.” I became so interested in this idea and the research found in this book that I decided to search for more information. I found an interview and presentation by one of the authors, Dr. Woynarowski, that I listened to attentively. I wanted even more information, so I contacted the company that developed TA-65, which is a nutraceutical discussed in this book. I have followed the process, and now I am now certified to prescribe this nutraceutical to my patients. TA-65 is very interesting. It is extracted from Astragalus, the Chinese herb. TA-65 is the only substance that has been proven to actually increase telomere length. This preserves your cells. The health of your body is the health of your cells. I highly recommend this book, if long-term health and well-being are important to you.

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