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Dr. Richard Stickney and our entire team take great care to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. We have created a relaxing and anxiety-free environment to help you feel at ease during your visits with us.

Dr. Stickney takes a biological, natural and holistic approach to dentistry with a view to whole-person health & wellness. Our treatments are the safest and minimally-invasive options possible. Contact us today at Seattle Dental Care so that we can give you the personal attention that you deserve from the premiere Holistic Dentist in Seattle, WA.

We use the Waterlase MD Turbo, the best laser in the world to treat gums, soft tissue problems, and effectively treat cavities

Laser Dentistry

We use biocompatible materials and advanced techniques to reduce your exposure to mercury vapor and other chemicals.

Natural & Holistic Dentistry

Seattle's Premiere Biological, Natural & Holistic Dentist

Dr. Stickney has over 30 years of professional experience as a Holistic Dentist in Seattle and has trained with some of the world’s most prominent holistic dental specialists. Patients often travel quite a distance to seek his care and expertise in biological and holistic dentistry.

He is extremely passionate about his life’s work and is committed to the holistic dental health and well-being of each of his patients. By blending technology, knowledge, and wisdom, he and his team are able to offer you extraordinary natural dental care.

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Learn more about biological, natural and holistic dental techniques, dental products to use or avoid, and ways to keep you and your family happy and healthy.
  • Attention Patients +

    Richard Stickney D.D.S. and Our Team greatly value our patient’s health and well-being.  To ensure the safety of our dental patients and staff we ask that you please support us in actively preventing the spread of COVID-19 and flu viruses.  

    Please help us and our community by following the CDC’s recommendations to:

    1. Clean your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer.
    2. Avoid close contact with people who are sick and practice social distancing.
    3. If you are sick, please stay home.  If you need medical care call your healthcare provider and they will direct you with further instructions.
    4. Cover coughs and sneezes.
    5. Wear a face mask if you are sick and may be in contact with people, such as when going to your healthcare provider for care.
    6. Clean and disinfect touched surfaces frequently. 

    For more detailed information please visit

    As always we are committed to providing the best dental care and safety to our patients by practicing and providing the universal health care precautions necessary for our patients, staff and facility.  At this time we are currently caring for patients during our regular office hours but prioritizing emergency care. However, we are following the local government recommendations closely and may adapt our hours, procedures and requirements accordingly.  We will contact our patients if we need to make any adjustments to their appointments. 

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  • Gentle Wave Technology +

    We love being able to keep our valued patients up to date on the latest technology and treatment that may enhance their care.  The following information is regarding Gentle Wave Technology and how it may benefit you.

    In our practice one of our goals is to help our patients acquire the best care and still preserve as much of their natural teeth as possible. By having regular preventative care and the use of our advanced technologies many of our patients have been able to maintain a healthy smile. Occasionally, a patient may experience a problematic tooth that could be due to developing extensive decay, trauma, or an abscess that affects the nerve of the tooth and our patient may have to make a decision to determine the best approach for them to treat the tooth.

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  • New Faces! +

    Have you visited our office or called in recently? You may have noticed a couple of new faces at our front desk. We are happy to introduce Alyce and Ivette!  They are a fabulous new addition to our team and will be helping our patients coordinate appointments, treatment planning and so much more.
    Learn more about them by visiting their bios on our Meet the Team Page
    We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you are having a wonderful spring!

    Be Well

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  • Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! +

    Hello everyone. It’s Annika, Rick’s hygienist. I wanted a turn at posting in our blog so here you go!

    I didn’t use to floss. I was, like many others, satisfied with the clean feeling I got after brushing my teeth. When I would go for my 6 month cleaning and checkup, the hygienist would tell me to floss every day and I would think: “If I eat ribs or corn, sure lady! But every day? I don’t need to do that.” So I would merrily go my way and not give flossing a second thought unless I felt that I had food between my teeth.

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