What to do aside from visiting holistic dentist?

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Jan 19, 2023

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What to do aside from visiting holistic dentist?

There’s something for everyone in Seattle, Washington, aside from visiting your favorite Holistic Dentist. The home base of corporate giants Microsoft and Amazon, the cradle of coffee conquistador Starbucks, the birthplace of the grunge movement, and Jimi Hendrix, the “Emerald City” (named for its verdant forests) has a bit of everything. Each day, tourists flock to the Space Needle, take in art and culture, and bask in the mild weather. When the sun goes down, Seattle offers a variety of unique activities as alternatives to the bar and nightclub scene.

1. Experience a movie like you never have before

It may seem weird to suggest going to a movie, but this isn’t something you see in every city. Cinerama, in downtown Seattle, lets you watch select big-screen gems in a stage play theatre setting. Picture yourself as Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show, enjoying a movie in the comfort of balcony seats, munching on popcorn. Apparently, the range of snacks is more impressive than in standard cinemas. The late shows start at 10:30 pm.


2. “Spin the Bottle”

Every first Friday of the month, the Annex Theatre puts on a variety show that features “theater, music, dance, spoken word, film, and whatever else we can find” – not bad for $10 general admission. “Spin the Bottle” has been a year-round phenomenon since 1997 and shows no sign of stopping. Things sometimes do get bawdy and adult-themed, so this is probably not the best event for the kids. http://www.annextheatre.org/monthly-shows/spin-the-bottle/

3. Take a different kind of spin

Every Friday and Saturday night, Seattle’s giant Ferris wheel offers rides until midnight (other nights, it’s open until 11 pm, except for Sundays during the winter). With three full revolutions of the wheel per ride, you are sure to see the most breathtaking sights from many different vantage points. https://seattlegreatwheel.com/

4. Laugh it up

Jet City Improv puts on three regular shows – its flagship short-form improv show aptly named “Jet City Improv”; “Twisted Flicks”, an improvisational re-dubbing of movies on the big screen; and “A Tribe Called Yes”, an improvisational, Straight Outta Compton-type hip hop music experience (kind of…). These have been joined by other special and returning shows to celebrate the theatre’s 25th anniversary. If you can’t get enough, come back during the day for an improv class.


5. Reach for the top

The tourists go to the Space Needle. The locals take their guests to the Smith Tower – Seattle’s first skyscraper. Go “Straight Up By Night”, or dance like you mean it at “Balboa, Blues and Booze” every Monday night. Guests are welcome to dress up in the 1930s/40s attire, but semi-formal contemporary dress works too. It is highly recommended that you purchase tickets ahead, as some acts have been known to sell out quickly.


6. Be the king (or queen) of the world

It would be a shame to be in an oceanic port city and not explore Puget Sound. Enjoy great food, breathtaking views, and the serenity of the sapphire waters at night – a number of companies offer evening dinner cruises, including:

– http://www.argosycruises.com/

– http://destinyharbortours.com/

– http://www.queenofseattle.com/

– http://www.seattlefunboat.com/

– http://www.waterwayscruises.com

Take some time and do an Internet search to see what floats your boat!

Diverse, elegant, historical, modern, and laid back all at once, Seattle offers a multitude of attractions to explore during the day; for the night owls, the “Emerald City” has its own magic. Who said that Seattle was all rain and coffee?!

For a great place to start planning your visit, check out www.visitseattle.org.

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