Posted by Seattle Dental Care Apr 27, 2017

I have worked as a hygienist in several offices over the last 16 years, most of them were traditional practice offices. I am so happy to have found my place here with Rick! I have learned so much from him and I love the tools he provides for me so I can do my best work. I’m sure that you all can relate to the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done, and I get to enjoy that feeling here all the time.

I currently work at a traditional office one day a week and I am able to see side by side the results of traditional periodontal disease treatment versus our treatment which includes laser and ozone. Each time I follow up with a traditionally treated periodontal case I can’t help but notice that I get much better results here, where we use laser and ozone.

I have to give credit where credit is due, we can do all kinds of wonderful and helpful things in the office but if the client is not a motivated team member, we do not get as nice a result. So I want to acknowledge all the diligent effort our clients put forth in caring for their own oral health.  Thank you for helping us to help you!

That being said, I love what I am able to do here with all our tools and extras. I can’t help but feel a little like I’m wasting my time and theirs with traditional methods because of the superiority I see with our protocol for treating periodontal disease. I’m still working on winning over my other office to our ways! Hopefully in the coming years more and more dentists will adopt a more whole person approach to care.

Be Well!

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