Alternative to Root Canal

Alternative to Root Canal

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Apr 24, 2024

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Alternative to Root Canal 

  • How is root canal therapy performed?
  • Pulp Vitality Therapy: a Procedure That Requires Precision and Expertise 
  • Holistic Perspective: Treating Teeth as Part of an Organ System
  • The Rarity and Challenge

Is there an alternative treatment to root canal therapy? Yes there is. As many patients are becoming aware of the dangers of the root canal, they are also seeking alternatives to root canal therapy. In this blog, we will explore how our holistic dentists are saving the tooth without the need of root canal. 

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How is root canal therapy performed?

Root canal therapy entails complete removal of the nerve, blood vessels and cleaning the site with chemicals. While root canal does spare the tooth from extraction, it is not a permanent fix. During the root canal process, the main canals are cleaned out, both mechanically and chemically using materials such as bleach. Yes, bleach. Once the site is cleansed out, it will be filled with a dental material called "gutta percha". Many types of gutta percha in the market are rubber materials derived from latex. Hence, patients who has latex allergy may develop sensitivity or allergic reaction to gutta percha material.

Though the main canal of the tooth has been cleaned out, the tooth has many other smaller canals known as dentinal tubules. These dentinal tubules can accumulate bacteria, potentially leading to a secondary infection. 

At Seattle Dental Care, our holistic dentists have been able to save teeth from undergoing root canal treatment and extraction by using a conservative, alternative approach to allow the body to heal the pulp. 

Pulp Vitality Therapy: a Procedure That Requires Precision and Expertise 

The execution of pulp vitality therapy requires extraordinary precision and an in-depth understanding of the biological and functional aspects of teeth. The process involves:

Diagnosis and assessment: Our holistic dentists will utilize advanced imaging and diagnostic tools to assess the extent of the infection and with their expertise, determine the viability of the pulp tissue.

Nontoxic dental materials: Often, root canal treatment involves the usage of harmful chemicals such as bleach, chlorhexidine and latex derived gutta percha. At our clinic, we opt for biocompatible dental material that avoids these harmful substances. Instead, using a natural antibiotic called ozone, which is made of 100% oxygen. Our clinic does not perform root canal therapy, hence, harmful toxic materials such as latex-derived gutta percha will not be used. 

Disinfection and protection: Applying biocompatible materials to disinfect and protect the remaining healthy pulp. Materials used are often designed to promote healing and regeneration.

Monitoring and aftercare: Close monitoring of the tooth's response post-procedure through follow-ups, ensuring the pulp is healing. 

Holistic Perspective: Treating Teeth as Part of an Organ System

Holistic dentistry treats teeth as integral parts of the body's system, not just as isolated entities. Holistic dentists consider not only the immediate health of the tooth but also how its treatment can affect overall well-being.

The Rarity and Challenge

This root canal alternative is not widely practiced due to its complex nature and the high level of skill required. The procedure demands a holistic dentist who is not only technically proficient but also deeply knowledgeable about the biological dynamics of dental health. The precision involved in removing only the infected tissue is a meticulous task that leaves little room for error.

Though rare, its ability to save teeth in a natural and health-conscious way is a testament to the advances in holistic dental care. Patients interested in this therapy should seek out a skilled holistic dentist who specializes in this meticulous procedure. This approach not only prioritizes the health of the tooth but also embraces the patient's overall well-being, aligning with the holistic view that our oral health is deeply interconnected with our total body health.

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