Dried Fruit vs Decay

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Jan 19, 2023

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Dried Fruits and Tooth Decay

Can dry fruit cause tooth decay? Recently, we had a patient come in and he was surprised to find out that he had several new areas of decay that required restorations. When asked about his diet he said that he has been eating a lot of trail mix with dried fruit. I too had a similar experience with dried fruits. I spent a few months on a road trip and had almonds and dried apricots as a snack and came home with a few new cavities of my own. Here is what happened to both of us: Dried fruit contains a high amount of sugar and is sticky. Small bits of dried fruit stick in the pits and grooves of the chewing surface of the tooth between brushings. The bacteria consume the sugars and as a byproduct of metabolizing the sugars, the bacteria produce acid that demineralizes the enamel and causes tooth decay. The longer the sugar is present on the tooth, the more it is available to be metabolized by bacteria, the more acid is produced, and the more tooth decay! Sticky sweets, even healthful dried fruits, can cause cavities.

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