Helping Our Patients with Periodontal Disease

Posted by Seattle Dental Care May 19, 2021

Good Morning!

This week’s blog comes from our Hygienist, Annika:

We have been so happy with our laser deep pocket therapy as treatment for periodontal disease. We have been using two different lasers, the Waterlase MD and the Epic 10 laser in addition to traditional treatment for patients with periodontal disease. As you probably know, periodontal disease is caused by 11 different harmful bacteria. This dual wavelength approach attacks bacteria and treats diseased gum tissue in a way that is impossible with traditional methods. Instead of merely removing tartar and bacteria, as with traditional scaling and root planing, we use our two lasers to disinfect the tissue, destroy toxins the bacteria produce that break down gum tissue, enhance healing, promote bone regrowth and tissue reattachment. This laser energy also increases lymphatic flow, the production of endorphins, increased microcirculation, and increased collagen formation.

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