Protecting You and Our Environment

Posted by Seattle Dental Care May 07, 2015

Protecting You and Our Environment

Fifteen years ago I became one of the first dental practices to install digital x-ray system in our office. I am still excited because every x-ray we take has 80-90 per cent less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. Using the digital system also eliminates the dental developing and fixing chemicals. By eliminating them none of us are exposed to these toxic chemicals and do not have to breath them in. It also eliminates disposing of them into our environment. We also have filters that remove mercury and other chemicals from the air while we work. We have specific air filters to remove mercury and a filter on the waste line that also traps the old amalgam that is removed from the tooth. We place any mercury amalgam scrap into a sealed container for disposal by a hazardous waste company. Our lead apron recently wore out and we wanted to replace it. We also wanted to dispose of it safely as lead is another big concern in the environment. My assistants, Xia and Katlyn spent hours searching for a safe place to take it for disposal.

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