Posted by Seattle Dental Care Dec 15, 2021

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Dr Stickney is a certified QRA practioner. As a dentist, he works with other QRA practioners to improve his patient’s health and well being. He is one a few dentists in the USA recommended by Premier Research Laboratory, as he follows Dr. Robert Marshall’s recommended protocols for optimal dental health. QRA is an energetic testing system using the body’s energetic system to help determine patient energetic deficiencies and imbalances. If a problem is found in the mouth then Dr. Stickney utilizes further diagnostic testing to determine the best treatment to resolve the imbalance. This involves clinical examination, X-rays, digital imaging, laser diagnostics and other technologies as needed. For instance, we now have available 3D imaging that is very helpful in determining hidden infections around the teeth. Oral DNA testing is often used to help determine the causative agents in periodontal infections. Dr. Stickney makes nutritional recommendations and works in concert with QRA practitioners who also prescribe nutritional and other therapies to aid patients’ health. One example of treatment that is done is the removal of infected or cracked teeth. Once a diagnosis is made, sometimes one or more teeth need to be removed. The process of removal is important. Ideally, we want to preserve as much bone and soft tissue as possible following tooth removal and at the same time prevent residual infection of the tissue and bone. The periodontal ligament is carefully removed which aids new bone growth. Two types of dental lasers are utilized to minimize bone loss and enhance healing. Laser therapy also kills pathologic bacteria. Patients heal faster with laser therapy and often have a reduced level of pain following the procedure. Ozone treatment is also used to reduce pathologic bacterial. The preservation of tissue and bone is important because restoration of the lost tooth or teeth works better and looks better when there is a healthy level of bone and gum. Treatments that can be done to restore the missing teeth are implants, bridges, and removable dentures.

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