Reduce Decay and Protect your smile

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Dec 15, 2011

Our diets as Americans have changed drastically over the last several decades. It includes a substantial amount more of acidic and carbohydrate related foods. These cause oral and systemic acidity. There are several kinds of bacteria that use simple carbohydrates to breakdown a tooth’s minerals, creating opportunity for decay and cavities. Cavities are a preventable infectious disease if you balance your oral chemistry.

Sodas, fruit juices and sports drinks are highly acidic and have seemed to replace our water and milk consumption. Teeth start to demineralize at a pH level of 5.5. On average soft drinks to fruit juices, etc. have a pH level of 2.6-4.6 depending on the type of drink. Sports drinks and energy drinks have the strongest potential for tooth erosion.

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