Slow Drilling Technique

Posted by Seattle Dental Care May 02, 2023

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What is slow drilling technique?

The slow drilling technique is a special technique used by our holistic dentists to ensure a precise and controlled drilling process. By using the slow drilling technique, our doctors can minimize the risk of damage to the nerve and ensure a successful dental procedure.
To begin with, let's understand what a dental drill is. A dental drill is a small hand-held instrument that rotates at a high speed to provide power to the "drill" which can be used to remove cavities, prepare the tooth for restoration, and possible adjustment to the teeth or appliance. During the treatment, our biological dentist will use a special brush stroking motion in operating the dental drill to ensure infected tissues are completely removed, while preserving as much of your natural tooth as possible, providing minimally invasive treatment. Because of this slow drilling technique, patients no longer have to be concerned about possible nerve irritation or nerve damage from drilling. 

At Seattle Dental Care, our biological dentists will approach with a focus on patient comfort and safety. Our team of dedicated integrative dentist will ensure that you receive the best care possible and that you understand the importance of preventive care and nutrition. If you're ready to experience the best biological dentistry, please contact holistic dentist Seattle at (206) 728-1330 or visit us at 2107 Elliott Ave Ste 210, Seattle, WA 98121. We will be happy to guide you further.

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