A Patient’s True Story

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Jan 19, 2023

A Patient's True Story

Today we thought it would be really nice to share a story about one of our patients. This story is about a program called “Undriving” and her experience with making the effort to reduce the amount of time she spends driving her car. Here is her experience:

The patient is from New Orleans, LA, and currently lives in Madison Valley up near Capitol Hill in Seattle with her husband and children. She teaches yoga as her occupation and has two young daughters. The patient has been bicycling since she was in high school, but stopped when she started having children a few years ago. She stated that it was a lot of work and time to carry another body from “point A to point B”, but when her family had to move out of their home for a short period of time to do some remodeling, she started riding her bicycle again because of an easier biking commute.

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