What Holistic Means To Our Practice

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Mar 25, 2020

What is Holistic?

There is no dental school that teaches “holistic dentistry”. You could substitute the words biological, integrative, natural, whole person, wellness and longevity and they could all fit. To me, holistic means taking a broader perspective, knowing your patient and what they want. It means working with people who share a common mission and purpose. Recognizing that what works with one person might not work for the next. Listening to what they have to say and honoring it. Striving to love people and help them heal via dentistry. Being holistic and natural also involves avoiding drugs and surgery when possible, caring for the teeth and tissue of the mouth as if they were your own. Everything matters in this type of dentistry. The most bio-compatable dental materials, filtered air and water, and most of all a great team of caring people. Everything matters. These principles have taught me to work slower but more effectively, preserving and protecting what nature has given the patient. I do my very best for each person I come in contact with. I strive to do the least invasive, longest acting and least toxic treatments that I possibly can, doing so with love and kindness. To me, this is holistic dentistry.   Wishing all of you well, Richard Stickney DDS PS 

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