What is difference between biological dentist and regular dentist?

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Oct 09, 2023

What is difference between biological dentist and regular dentist?

Holistic and biological dentistry are interconnected approaches to dental care that acknowledge the link between oral health and overall well-being.

Holistic Dentistry:

  • Comprehensive Approach: Holistic dentistry views the oral cavity as an integral part of the entire body. It acknowledges that oral health can have a profound impact on overall well-being.
  • Focus on Prevention: Holistic dentists emphasize preventive measures. These measurements include personalized hygiene regimen, proper nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and non-invasive dentistry, to maintain optimal oral and systemic health.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Recognizing the influence of mental and emotional well-being on oral health and vice versa is important. Stress and emotional factors can impact dental health. For example, stress may lead to teeth grinding and clenching, potentially resulting in dental issues like tooth fractures.
  • Incorporating Systemic Health: Holistic dentistry considers the broader systemic health of the patient. It acknowledges that oral health issues can contribute to or indicate other health problems in the body.

Focus on Biocompatibility

Biological dentistry places a strong emphasis on the use of biocompatible dental materials.

  • Mercury Free Dentistry: Using mercury free fillings in dentistry reduces the introduction of heavy metal toxins to the body.
  • BPA Free Restorations: Choosing safe restorative materials that are free of harmful chemicals like BPA.
  • Fluride free restorations: Fluoride not only causes fluorosis, it can also interfere with neurological development.
  • Material Longevity: Biological dentists consider the longevity of the dental material and restoration. The goal is to choose a dental material that is safe for the patients and that does not create harm to the patient's body.

At Seattle Dental Care, we focus on using safe, natural materials to promote a healthy smile and overall well-being. Our holistic dentists carefully evaluate each dental material to ensure they do not contain harmful or toxic substances to the body.

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