Why is fluoride dangerous?

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Aug 06, 2023

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Why is fluoride dangerous?

Fluoride is known as an important preventative material against cavities, however, what is less talked about is the neurotoxin effect it has on the body. They are frequently commercialized as an important discovery and advancement for human health as it can help reverse the initial decay process. 

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Some known health effects of fluoride include:

  1. Developmental Neurotoxin – negatively impacts brain and body development. Studies have shown when ingested by pregnant women, could cause lowering of child's IQ
  2. Skeletal fluorosis – weakening of bone leading to increased risk of fracture
  3. Inhibitor of cellular enzyme- inhibits cell function by blocking magnesium
  4. Neurological issues – Parkinsons, fibromyalgia, MS
  5. Gastrointestinal upset
  6. Arthritis
  7. Cancer

Sources of fluoride are not just from conventional toothpaste, dental materials or artificially/naturally fluoridated water. It also exists in many other products and food sources. Pesticides/ fertilizers, supplements/ medications, beverages, Grapes, tea bags, coffee beans, milk, cookware, the list goes on.

Back in 2010, data collected from CDC showed 23% of Americans aged 6-49 and 41% age between 12-14 exhibit fluorosis, the first visible sign of fluoride toxicity in the human body. With more and more fluoride usage in various industries, fluoride sources and fluoride intake in the American population only increased. The most recent Tap water study conducted by USGS published on July 5, 2023, more than 45% of nation’s tap water now contains PFAS (polyfluorinated alkyl substances), a group of chemical substances produced by electrochemical fluorination.

It is important to eliminate unnecessary exposure to fluoride to keep our health under check. There are natural alternatives which could help prevent cavity so we do not need to solely rely on fluoride to help us. Thus it is important to screen for dental materials. At Seattle Dental Care, you can rest assured that our Biological Dentist understands the harm fluoride can do to the body and will help you achieve a better health with our clean dental materials.

At Seattle Dental Care, our team of dedicated naturopathic dentists will ensure that you receive the best care possible using safe, biocompatible, toxin free, fluoride free, mercury free dental materials. Please contact holistic dentist near me at (206) 728-1330 or visit us at www.seattledentalcare.com to learn more about how to improve your oral health. 

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