Why Opting for a Holistic Dentistry Approach is so Important

Why Opting for a Holistic Dentistry Approach is so Important

Posted by SEATTLE DENTAL CARE Apr 20, 2022

Simply put, holistic dentistry in Seattle takes your overall health into account when deciding which dental treatments are necessary for you and why. The focus of the holistic dentist in Seattle is to address any health issues that could be causing you to experience dental issues in the first place. By improving overall health and oral health, patients often spend less time in dental chairs getting treatments done for issues that could have been prevented. This is just one way in which the holistic dentist in Seattle is different from traditional ones. 

A holistic approach to dentistry means your dentist will look at how all systems and areas of your body work together to determine your overall health. For example, a dentist will take a close look at how an overbite or crooked teeth could negatively impact your ability to chew food properly, which could then lead to indigestion and other digestive issues. Likewise, your dental health also impacts the health of your bones. An overbite that causes great discomfort and pain from grinding can lead to TMJ disorder, which then leads to pain in the facial muscles and even headaches. Your dentist will also consider how stress can impact your overall well-being and how that can, in turn, impact your oral health.

The holistic dentist in Seattle is also trained to look at the big picture when diagnosing a patient's condition. This means that instead of just looking at teeth and gums, we look at everything from the jaw joints to the temporomandibular joint in the skull. By taking this comprehensive approach, they can more easily spot underlying causes of dental conditions that are often overlooked.

The holistic dentist in Seattle will use special tools designed to test the energy flow of your body to determine where any problems may be occurring. By measuring energy flow, the dentist can identify areas in the body that are blocked or otherwise dysfunctional. Once these areas are identified, they are addressed to help the body heal itself. This unique care method utilizes non-toxic, natural treatments that help reduce symptoms and promote overall wellness. When you choose the holistic dentist in Seattle for your dental care needs, you can expect to receive compassionate, personal care that focuses on your entire body's needs.

If you're ready to find a holistic dentist in Seattle, call our team at (206) 728-1330. We'd love to talk to you about the benefits of holistic dental care and how it can improve your health and quality of life.

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