World Cancer Day

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Feb 04, 2023

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Let’s help prevent, detect, and treat oral cancer!💪

February 4th is World Cancer Day, which was first established on February 4th, 2000 in Paris, to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention. At Seattle Dental Care, we would like to play our part in informing our patients and the public on how to recognize and prevent oral cancer. 
What are some ways to prevent oral cancer? 

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Quit smoking and do not chew tobacco
  4. Drink alcohol in moderation
  5. Avoid HPV infection of the mouth
  6. Visit your dentist regularly.

What are some possible symptoms of oral cancer?

  1. White/red patches on the soft tissues of the mouth
  2. Sores that don’t heal
  3. Pain in the ear, mouth, or face
  4. Numbness of the jaw and chin
  5. A lump inside of the mouth
  6. Loose teeth

Contact us if you suspect or have any of the above symptoms at Seattle Dental Care - Biological Dentist, Seattle, WA  (206)728 -1330.

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