One important tool we use in our office is intra-oral photography.  As one of our patients you may have experienced this on your first visit with us or at an exam appointment when something has changed in your mouth like a broken filling.  Or you may have just noticed our camera on the operatory counter.  Being able to take dental images provides so many benefits to our wonderful patients.

These detailed photographs show our patients the oral conditions that we can see when we are looking in their mouth.  Our patients have a better understanding regarding their teeth when they can see what we are seeing.  This becomes a great teaching aid for us when explaining what can be done to improve your overall smile and dental health.  Also being able to store these images for future reference allows us to follow the progression of a current problem or recognize when there have been changes. Patients can then see these progressions visually with us and can be involved in planning any care.

When communicating with doctors whom we refer our patients to for care, we are also able to utilize these images to show why we are referring our patient.  You may even notice the use of intra-oral photos in our newsletters and on our website to inform existing and new patients of different subjects and to demonstrate what we find and of what we can do for dental treatment.

As a courtesy to our patients with dental insurance, we prepare the insurance forms. These dental images can also be helpful when submitting claims to insurance.  When dealing with insurance companies documentation is important.  Most insurance carriers require x-rays and a narrative for major treatment.  Using intra-oral photographs when needed can illustrate to the insurance carrier the conditions that exist before, during, and after our care. By also documenting with dates and times, insurance carriers have more information for approving the treatment.  This is a benefit for our valued patients because it can help their insurance claims be paid on time and appropriately.

Below you can see an example of our intra-oral photographs.   What details do you see?  Most of our patients may notice if there is stain visible on their teeth or if there are any chips and worn spots. Notice the different colored fillings, the porcelain crowns, the color of the gum tissue and if there is any tartar forming around the teeth.  So much can be seen and reviewed in these valuable images.


Utilizing dental photography in our office is just one way in which we strive to provide excellent care to our patients.  We are constantly evaluating ways that we can enhance your visit with us to provide the most utmost dental care.

Be Well!


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