Dr. Marshall Radio Show

Robert Marshall, Ph.D. got his Degree at Columbia Pacific University in Mill Valley, CA in 1978. Later on he got a Certified Clinical Nutritionists (CCN) Degree from the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, TX and was the President of this Association from 1998-2000.

Dr. Marshall contracted a nearly fatal and undiagnosable illness in 1969, which began his unexpected career in Nutrition. At that time, many forms of medical therapy were no help to him. To find answers, he studied Nutritional and Biochemical Research extensively, and used this information to design his own nutritional program which ultimately got him to a full recovery. After observing the suffering going on around him, he sought to repay the help he had been given through Nutritional Therapy.

He then began to provide comprehensive Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Programs for the chronically ill. Dr. Marshall has one of the largest Nutritional practices in the world and is one of the most effective Clinical Nutritionists in the United States today. His weekly international radio broadcast, HealthLine, has aired for over 14 years, offering insightful, life-saving information to thousands of listeners on Nutrition and Health. Every Saturday this program airs and is networked to 16 states.

Dr. Marshall is one of the authors of the first Computerized Nutrition and Health Habits Evaluation, which has proven invaluable to many doctors to help evaluate their patients’ nutritional needs.

Currently, Dr. Marshall is the CEO of Quantum Nutrition Labs, which he founded to deliver 100% non-toxic and effective nutritional products. He also continues to test and refine new and existing formulations at his Clinics in Torrance, CA and Round Rock, TX.

If you are interested in listening to one of Dr. Bob Marshall’s radio shows in Seattle, WA, you can hear that broadcasted on KGNW 820AM on Saturday’s from 1 to 2pm PST.



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