In reading on the latest information regarding our teeth and our overall health I came across an article from They referenced a study that showed that even a symptomless tooth with infection at the root tip could increase the risk of coronary artery disease. This study was carried out at the University of Helsinki. If a tooth is not symptomatic these infections are usually detected by chance when routine x-rays are taken at your dental visit.

A dental root tip infection is also known as an apical periodontitis. It is a bodily reaction against microbial infection in the dental pulp and it is found that dental caries is the most common cause of the infection. This article also drew attention to the increasing connection between oral infections and many chronic diseases. One example it shared was how periodontitis is an inflammatory disease and affects the tissues that surround the teeth, the low-grade inflammation this causes is regarded as an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Since oral infections can affect other parts of the body steps should be taken to prevent or treat oral infections.
If you would like to read more information regarding this article you can follow the links attached.

Be well and stay healthy!


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