We love being able to keep our valued patients up to date on the latest technology and treatment that may enhance their care.  The following information is regarding Gentle Wave Technology and how it may benefit you.

In our practice one of our goals is to help our patients acquire the best care and still preserve as much of their natural teeth as possible. By having regular preventative care and the use of our advanced technologies many of our patients have been able to maintain a healthy smile. Occasionally, a patient may experience a problematic tooth that could be due to developing extensive decay, trauma, or an abscess that affects the nerve of the tooth and our patient may have to make a decision to determine the best approach for them to treat the tooth.

Once the nerve of the tooth has been affected it can become symptomatic and painful, and if left untreated the tooth can also affect the patient’s overall oral health. Typically the options for treatment is through the use of endodontic treatment with an endodontist or to have the tooth extracted. Dr. Stickney can review the best course of treatment taking in to account the prognosis of the tooth and the health of the patient so they can make the treatment decision that works for them. Sometimes this may lead the patient to seeing an endodontist for root canal treatment of their tooth.

During any kind of restoration of a tooth we feel it is important to reduce the chance of leaving any unwanted bacteria during the process to improve the longevity of the filling or crown that is placed on the tooth. We feel the same is true when it comes to root canal treatment. Recently we found an endodontist who is trained in using the Gentle Wave Technology for procedures. The Gentle Wave Technology procedure is a state of the art alternative to standard root canal treatment procedures. Using an advanced combination of fluid dynamics and a broad range of sound waves that work together to reach into microscopic spaces and removes bacteria, debris and tissue. This process makes it possible for preserving more of the natural tooth and even sometimes allows for the treatment to be completed in fewer appointments.

The following is a video that shows how what to expect with Gentle Wave Technology.

While it is ideal that we prevent the need for having to make a decision regarding whether to have root canal treatment we are pleased to have this advancement in treatment from our specialists.

Be Well!


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