We are happy to be able to offer laser services in our hygiene room as well as Dr Stickney’s treatment room. Our hygienist, Annika, received additional training in using our laser for the treatment of periodontal disease. She would like to share what she learned and how we are integrating this into our treatment.
This is Part 1 of 3 blog’s we will do on this subject:

The course started with the physics of lasers and laser safety, and it always good to have those reminders. We went on to learn about all the applications of lasers in gum tissue treatment, from surgeries to biostimulation. We reviewed which types of procedures I am licensed to provide in the state of Washington, which include treatment of apthous ulcers (canker sores), herpetic lesions (cold sores/fever blisters), laser bacterial reduction, which reduces the amount of live bacteria in the mouth prior to cleaning. This helps to reduce the bacterial cascade that enters the bloodstream upon the manipulation of gum tissue during cleanings. Some types of oral bacteria are linked to upper respiratory tract infections, so it is a great tool to reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to the rest of the body.

We also learned the specific steps associated with laser assisted periodontal therapy, which is augmenting our periodontal disease treatment. Biostimulation means activation and regeneration of damaged cells. These non-active cells are stimulated and new cells are regenerated to get proper cell metabolism. This supports the function of the immune system and thus promotes the healing functions.

We are already implementing new treatment protocols in the office I am very excited to be able to provide these services. Our experience is that diseased gum tissue heals much faster and more completely after treatment with the laser. A simple topical anesthetic gel is all that is needed to prepare the tissue and treatment is typically very easy. In certain cases, we are adding laser treatment to our scaling and root planing (also called deep cleaning) procedures. The laser is not needed on every visit but it is wonderful to have such a practical tool at our disposal.

Stay tuned for the rest of this information in the coming week!
Hope you are all doing well,
Richard Stickney


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