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Your son or daughter’s first appointment should be about getting to know the dentist and his or her staff. During this visit, you can expect our staff to perform an oral exam, take X-rays, and perform a gentle cleaning. First appointments can be stressful for kids, and a little preparation can go a long way. Here are a few things you can do to make the first appointment go smoothly:

  • Try to avoid scheduling appointments during nap time and school hours if you can. It will be easier for your child to be attentive and cooperative, which will make the appointment smoother.
  • Talk to your child about what to expect at the appointment, and explain that the dentist is a friend who will help them have clean, healthy teeth.
  • Bring a distraction along with your child.
  • Ask the pediatric dentist about sedation dentistry. 
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    Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child is a big decision. Since children are still growing, it’s important to find a Kirkland, WA, pediatric dentist who will ensure your child’s dental health is on the right track. Plus, your pediatric dentist can answer any other questions you may have about your child’s dental health. You can easily contact the pediatric dentist at Seattle Dental Care by calling us. Our pediatric dentist in Kirkland, WA, looks forward to meeting you and taking care of your child’s smile!

    To experience the best dental care, please contact the dentist in Seattle, WA, at (206) 728-1330 or visit us at 2107 Elliott Ave Ste 210, Seattle, WA 98121.