I hope this post is finding everyone happy and healthy.

Today we wanted to share with you a couple of the great success stories we’ve had with the Biolase Epic laser in the last few weeks. One story comes from a patient that has a very sensitive mouth. His teeth and gum tissue are easily irritated and bother him. He came in for a routine cleaning and exam and wanted us to know that he had painful lesions on his tongue after biting on it multiple times. He was very concerned about even having the cleaning, as that tongue area was so irritated. Our hygienist, Annika, suggested that we try using our Epic laser on the area to see if it would quicken the healing process, and quicken it did! The very next morning our patient returned to the office and upon examination of the irritated area, there were no lesions to be found, they had healed overnight! The patient was amazed that the laser has such an effect on him, and we were happy to be able to alleviate his pain quickly. What a success!

The second story is about a patient that had come in complaining that her entire left side of her mouth and face was in agony. She had seen an emergency physician and gotten an x-ray. They informed her that it was not a tooth infection problem, and prescribed her to take 4 Ibuprofen, wait 3 hours then take 3 Tylenol. She reported that this did not even touch her pain, it had no effect on her. She decided to stop taking these medications as it was too much for her system. The pain was getting so bad that it was in her left eye and left sinus and it felt like burning and pressure. When she came into our office we recommended that she have a soft diet and use moist heat on the area. We also decided to try out the Epic laser on the facial muscles to relax them. After only a couple minutes of laser therapy, she said her pain was completely gone. I told her that this may only be temporary relief of her pain and to still do the homecare options. She returned the next day with only minor pain. We treated her with the laser again to further help the muscles. She said to us that she went from being “totally incapacitated to nirvana” and was just so amazed and so thankful that we were able to help her. Another amazing laser success story!

We are so happy and excited to use our newest dental laser, the Biolase Epic, every chance we can. If you’ve experienced painful TMJ, or another painful or sensitive problem in your mouth, we may be able to help temporarily relieve some of that pain. We cannot guarantee that it will work for every person, every time, but we are overjoyed every time it does.

For more information on what our laser is able to do, please visit the Laser Dentistry page on this website.

To your health,
Richard Stickney DDS


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