Meet Your Holistic Dentists



Dr. Thomas Cziao is a dedicated and compassionate dental provider who focuses in biological and biomimetic dentistry. He constantly advances his knowledge on the most updated technologies in the dental field and combine them with a holistic approach to ensure his patients receive the best care possible. Dr. Cziao is an expert in surgeries, implant restoration, SMART(Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique), Invisalign, CEREC crown and cosmetic restoration. He will also be bringing in his knowledge in pediatric dentistry, allowing us to serve our little ones through a holistic approach.

“I am honored to join this wonderful office and serve patients alongside Dr. Stickney. To me, every patient is unique as they come from different backgrounds and have different health care needs. I strive to alleviate anxiety or fear people may have toward dental treatment and evaluate them based on a whole-person approach. I am committed to help find the root cause of the oral health problems you may be suffering and improve your overall health. You can expect a comfortable and informative dental experience from me.” – Dr. Cziao

When Dr. Cziao is not practicing dentistry, you can expect to find him trying out different restaurants and traveling with his family. He loves to explore the different outdoor activities PNW can offer.



I am honored to have the privilege of serving people. Here we are blending technological advancements with a natural approach to oral health. My team and I will give you a sincere warm welcome and ensure that you are comfortable in our environment and confident with your dental plan. I am extremely passionate about my life’s work and am committed to the dental health and wellness of each of my patients.

Dream and Vision

Dr. Stickney is a Pacific Northwest native having grown up in Edmonds, WA. He graduated from University of Washington Dental School. He has a thirst for knowledge relating to health and well being. He sees himself and his practice as a resource to help people have a happy, healthy life. Having been touched deeply by teachers and mentors, he is inspired to be a positive force for others. He loves life and practicing dentistry. He balances his professional life by spending time with his wife, Carol, and his two sons, James and Pearce.

He loves sports and exercise and has been practicing yoga since age 28. Running and bike riding are some of his favorite exercises and has been doing so since childhood! Dr. Stickney has a real love for travel and one of his favorite trips was to Europe with his wife and sons in 2012. Another one of his hobbies is photography. You just might see him out and about taking photographs of sunsets and birds.


“I am a dentist with over 30 quality years of professional experience, continuing education, expertise and skill. Long ago, I created a vision of my ideal dental practice. Entirely through “word of mouth advertising” from my clients and referrals from my medical colleagues, my dream and vision became a reality far exceeding even my highest expectations. Our dental practice has attracted an abundance of people who want an exceptional and caring dentist and dental team. People actually travel from all over the state of Washington, from all over the United States and even from other countries to visit our office. They come because of the astounding national reputation that we’ve earned over the last thirty years and because of our amazing expertise in holistic, laser and restorative dentistry.” – Dr. Stickney