There is no dental school that teaches “holistic dentistry”. You could substitute the words biological, integrative, whole person, wellness and longevity and they could all fit. To me, holistic means taking a broader perspective, knowing your patient and what they want.

It means working with people who share a common mission and purpose. Recognizing that what works with one person might not work for the next. Listening to what they have to say and honoring it. Striving to love people and help them heal via dentistry. Being holistic and natural also involves avoiding drugs and surgery when possible, caring for the teeth and tissue of the mouth as if they were your own. These principles have taught me to work slower but more effectively, preserving and protecting what nature has given the patient. I strive to do the least invasive, longest acting and least toxic treatments that I possibly can, doing so with love and kindness.

To me, this is holistic dentistry.

Minimally Invasive

Being minimally invasive is a philosophy of preserving and protecting the teeth and gums by doing the least invasive procedure that will solve the problem. Some examples include:

  • The use of Septocaine local anesthetic reduces the amount of anesthetic needed by 1/2 to 2/3 with the same effectiveness as others.
  • We use magnification and halogen lighting to improve vision so that only the diseased part of the tooth is removed. The quality of the dentist’s vision is directly linked to the quality of care.
  • We use LASER to reduce the need for anesthetic, speed up healing time, reduce the need to  require periodontal surgery and reduce micro-fractures in the tooth.
  • A slow drilling technique is used to reduce nerve inflammation within the tooth, resulting in less root canal treated teeth and the need for pain medication.
  • Using strong and long lasting biocompatible materials will reduce how often the tooth is treated. This helps you keep your natural teeth and saves you money.
  • Non surgical periodontal therapy using our laser, which is just as effective as periodontal surgery.

Mercury and Metal Free

We use mercury and metal free tooth colored restorations to restore cavities and replace worn out fillings, utilizing all ceramic fillings, onlays, inlays, crowns, bridges and implants. Your dental health and well being are very important to us. By using biocompatible composite and porcelains, we eliminate crowns that contain mercury based amalgam and nickel. We are very careful to protect you during the removal of amalgam or crowns so that you have the least exposure to these materials as possible.  Our practice uses a combination of a mercury vapor filter, Hepa filters, rubber dams and high speed suction to reduce exposure to mercury vapor and other chemicals during the removal process.

These new materials look very natural and feel great.  They also last a long time and help strengthen your teeth.

Whole Person

Our practice is dedicated to helping our patients reach optimal health by viewing their mouth as being a gateway into the body.

The same blood that goes to your heart, lungs, brain and all other body parts also go to the mouth. Research is now showing that diseased gums is associated with heart problems, strokes, lung problems, osteoporosis, some cancers and low birth weight babies in women. I believe that in the future many more links to other diseases will be discovered.

Improper alignment of the teeth can cause facial pain, toothaches, headaches and neck aches. Stress can cause us to clench and grind our teeth together, resulting in numerous dental and whole body challenges.

Some people are sensitive to components in dental fillings and crowns. Heavy metals such as mercury and nickel are often used in dentistry. The impact of mercury toxicity from our environment is a growing concern. That is why we choose to not use these materials in our dental practice.

The way our teeth looks affects how we feel about our self. Our smiles affect the appearance of our whole face. A beautiful smile that is harmonious with our face can help us feel confident and radiant. This turns on healthy body chemistry and again affects our whole being. You see, the mouth and the rest of the body are not separate even though they are often treated that way.