What is the safest way to avoid chemicals when I whiten my teeth? 

Many patients who are chemically sensitive or who are concerned about swallowing or absorbing the chemicals in the gel still want their teeth whiter. In my opinion the safest way to whiten teeth is in-office using rubber dam and laser. During this method, we apply a rubber dam material around the individual teeth. This isolates the teeth from the rest of the mouth. Then we apply a gel whitening agent to the teeth and activate it with our Epic laser. The process is fairly rapid. The teeth get whiter and  none of the whitening gel gets into your saliva. This method is rapid, easy and the safest way to avoid the chemicals in the at home gels.

With other types of whitening, such as the trays or drug store products some of the gel mixes with saliva.  and is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth or swallowed. I personally avoid chemicals in tooth paste or mouthwash because of my concerns about potential toxicity of sensitivity to the chemicals. 
Be well,
Richard Stickney DDS PS


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