Ceramic Implants in Seattle, WA

Ceramic Implants in Seattle, WA

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The latest in dental technology is all-ceramic implants. Ceramic or Zirconia implants are nonmetal implant that replaces the missing tooth. Implants can best be described as an artificial tooth root that is an anchor for an all-ceramic porcelain crown. Implants can replace one or more missing teeth and are much easier to take care of and clean than a bridge. There are advantages in using all ceramic (zirconia) implants over traditional titanium implants.

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Why ceramic? Two main reasons: ceramic is more biocompatible with the body than titanium, and it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Let's talk about these individually. 

  • Biocompatibility: Since Zirconia is non-metal, it is more like a natural root structure and thus a better alternative to titanium. Ceramic is inert, non-allergic, and easily accepted by the body. 
  • Aesthetics: Zirconia implants are all white and mimic the actual color of the root structure. If the gums were to recede at all after the implant was placed, there would be no grey line at the gingival margin of the crown. This gives the tooth a more natural look. 
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Additionally, ceramic implants are very durable. Zirconia is also a poor electrical conductor so it is able to withstand changes in temperature, from hot to cold, without any corrosion. As a person who is always looking for options that are more compatible with the body, and that will offer the best long-term result for our patients, this new technology in dentistry is very exciting for us. We are pleased to be one of the only dentists in the Seattle area to be offering zirconia implant. If you've been told that you need a dental implant, but are unhappy about the options available, and are interested in learning more about ceramic implants, we would be happy to answer any of your questions and determine whether you would be a good candidate for zirconia implant. 

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