Juanita S.

Thank you for the beautiful bonding you did on my teeth. When I smile now, I have something to be shared with the world – pearly white straight teeth! What a difference the bonding makes! Instead of discolored, crooked teeth, of various lengths, I now have straight, regular, evenly colored white teeth. I am so grateful and so happy for the tedious, intensive effort that you so graciously gave in forming and sculpting each tooth. Your artistic and dental dexterity make you outstanding in this work. And lastly, your compassionate care for your patients and that of your staff, is outstanding also. I’m very fortunate and grateful to have you for my dentist. My family and friends are very impressed with the work you did and my smile today. – Juanita S.

Nicole P.

Dear Rick, It is unusual for me to write a letter of acknowledgement and thanks. But I had no idea how great my smile would appear with the help of veneers. I only regret waiting four years since I first heard of the procedure.

My teeth look youthful and brilliant. In addition, the condition of my gums are much healthier. I always felt special and completely supported during this process. Rick called me the following day of each procedure to check up on my progress and how I was feeling. I am so pleased with the results! Rick, let me say how grateful I am to you and your team and for all the time and concern in caring for my teeth. It has been an honor to sit in your chair. Best always, – Nicole P.


Thanks for your help! Very few people have your wide spectrum of skills spanning the range of finance to hands-on wellness care. Your friendliness and sense of humor are also wonderful! Thanks again, – Armand

Camille C.

Hello Dr. Stickney! My Parents had been researching the best dentist to fix my problem. That led to you and your wonderful crew. I was offered most of the luxuries of a spa resort while my teeth were being restored to an even more beautiful smile. My parents and I are thrilled with our results: confidence, beautiful teeth, and restored bite and alignment! No wonder my parents later came to you for complete tooth restoration for themselves! Thank you all!- Camille C.

Vivia H.

Dear Dr. Stickney, I feel very fortunate to have a dentist who really cares! In Appreciation, – Vivia H.


Dear Rick, Thank you so much for the extraordinary quality of your dental care. You guys are amazing. I feel blessed to be under this quality of care. Wishing you all the best, – Matt

Sari S.

Rick, Just a note to thank you for taking such good care of the people I send you! Yours in health – Sari S.


I can’t believe how informative this examination process has been. – Mike


This is the best decision I ever made. I love the way my teeth look. You have to be an artist as well as a dentist to do this. – Juanita


I don’t know why every dentist doesn’t do this. It just helps me so much to see it instead of the dentist telling me about it. – Jenny


I love my new smile. I feel so much more confident. – Gary

Lachlan C.

(Referring a friend unhappy with a color match) He is an artist that just happens to be a dentist. Whenever a dentist looks inside my mouth they want to know who did the work. – Lachlan C.


You do it with me rather than to me. You involve me! – Teresa


All of these modern techniques and technologies are just amazing. It really was pain free. I fell asleep. – Irene


I have more people say I look 10 years younger! Yeah I have a face! – Carolyn

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