What Makes Us Different


Our dentists practice biological, natural, and holistic dentistry at Seattle Dental Care. We examine the whole person, not just their oral health. This means that we emphasize your overall health and wellness in addition to how your oral health affects the rest of your body. We look at the whole picture to ensure all issues are addressed so your treatment aligns with your goals of health and aesthetics.

Our holistic dentists provide care that aligns cosmetic goals with general health and seeks to consider the impact of oral disease and dysfunction on other body systems. The primary aim of our biological dentists is to treat dental problems while working in harmony with your body's biology and natural function. They take a complete picture of the patient’s health by evaluating diet, lifestyle, exercise habits, and more to determine how these impact dental care and outcomes. We perform specialized techniques and procedures such as mercury-free fillings, ozone therapy, and nutritional counseling.

We focus on biomimetic dentistry that preserves and mimics the different properties of natural teeth. It focuses on replicating the strength, function, and esthetics of natural teeth structure and pulp vitality by replacing only damaged, decayed, and broken tooth structures. To eliminate the risks of mercury exposure, we use mercury and metal-free tooth-colored restorations to restore cavities and replace worn-out fillings with biocompatible composite and porcelains.

Ozone treatment is just another way our office promotes a healthy smile while helping to prevent the need for extensive dental treatment in the future. The non-invasive therapy uses ozone to safely kill microorganisms in the mouth and treat minor tooth decay. We are very few doctors in Washington who do slow drilling technique that helps ease nerve inflammation within the tooth, thus reducing the need for root canal treatment and pain medication.